How We Build


Two-Story Block Construction!

We are now offering this two-story concrete filled block construction as an option on our Cypress Elevation A and B plans.  This solid structure home is extensively engineered to surpass all local and state building codes.  The second floor block will provide greater insulation and additional protection against the wind, rain and humidity found in Florida weather.  It will also provide an aesthetically appealing finish on the outside of the home by eliminating the transition from first floor block to second story wood frame.


This home is was built at 7509 S. Swoope Street in Tampa in 2017! 

Value Engineering and Design

 At North Point Homes, we believe in building a home that maximizes it's function while minimizing cost, which generates the greatest value for our customers. Therefore, our designers carefully consider all aspects of the project when making value engineering decisions in the following areas:


  • Cost reduction: suggestions of alternatives to specified building materials or systems. 
  • Value added: higher quality products that will increase value for the customer and overall satisfaction with their home. 
  • Life-cycle Analysis: options that work to create balance between the initial construction costs of the home and the long-term investment of the customer.
  • Maintainability: recommendations of systems and products that will reduce maintenance costs over the lifespan of the home. 

Quality Assurance Processes 

We are a system oriented company that has implemented a 5-step internal inspection and quality assurance process.  However, as a growing company we are constantly evaluating and improving our processes.  And with our online software program we are able to effectively manages schedule, design changes, purchase orders and communication with our subcontractors and customers right at our finger tips, all as an added value to our customers.